Monday, October 19, 2009

Old School Kung Fu Masters

I haven't posted here forever, but to read and see photos from my unearthing of a massive collection of 35mm old school kung fu prints, go here. You'll see photos like this:

Don't miss out on the Old School Kung Fu Masters film series I'm currently putting on. Tonight is the second movie in the series, Shaolin Vs. Lama. It's one of the best kung fu movies of all time, and the print is in pristine condition (seriously, it could pass for a new print). Watch a drunken kung fu master teach the "Buddha finger" technique to fight back against the non-stop vicious assaults of the villainous Tibetan Lama (not a llama). The other films in the series will be Fatal Flying Guillotine, Invincible Shaolin, and another screening of Seven Grandmasters. The first film was 36th Chamber of Shaolin this last Saturday, if you missed it, hang your head in shame.